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Three-Term Mayor
Warren Lieberman


I've lived in Belmont since 1994 with my wife Gracie.  Of all the areas of the State we could have picked, we chose to move here in 1994, and start and raise our family here.  


We have two wonderful children, Vanessa and Max, and everything I do as a City leader has been and will be with the sole purpose of helping all Belmont families live their best, safest, and most prosperous lives.


                                                                                        I want to keep our Community a place where I'd feel good about making                                                                                            that choice again; one where our children can be safe and excel, and one                                                                                          where all of Community members are heard, and valued, and prosperous;                                                                                          whose AYSO soccer teams I've had the pleasure of coaching and                                                                                                        managing (in addition to being a longtime Little League coach for Max.)

                                                                                         I was born in the Bronx, New York and went to the State University of                                                                                                 New York at Binghamton for my undergraduate education and received a                                                                                           Ph.D. in Operations Research from Yale University.  I became a Belmont Finance Commissioner in 2000, and then was first elected to the Belmont City Council in 2005, and I've had the privilege of serving three times as Belmont Mayor.

When I was first elected, my primary focus areas were youth sports and recreation (I had the

distinct privilege of coaching and managing my kids' AYSO soccer teams and being a longtime

Little League coach for my son) and stability for the City of Belmont – San Carlos Fire Department. 

I am thrilled that my focus on youth sports eventually led to a substantial enhancement of the

Belmont Sports Complex via artificial turf improvements using organic materials (not rubber

pellets!), as well as a stronger level of cooperation between the City and the Belmont Redwood

Shores School District.  My work with the Belmont – San Carlos Fire Department eliminated the

                                               need for periodic closures of fire stations. 


                                               During my tenure serving the City of Belmont, I have worked with diverse 

                                               community members and agencies, and as I gained experience on the Council, my focus                                                               broadened to address the current need to improve Belmont’s infrastructure, support efforts to                                                     expand affordable housing developments, and look for ways to diversify and improve Belmont’s                                                 economic development opportunities.  Although it did not happen “overnight,” my sustained                                                         support in these areas eventually helped Belmont pass Measure I, which provides more than $1                                                 million annually in local sales tax revenue to improve Belmont’s roads and other failing                                                                   infrastructure.  In addition, I was honored that the Council asked me to draft the election ballot argument and rebuttal argument in favor of Measure KK, a proposal to increase Belmont’s Hotel Transient Occupancy Tax.

For the past 15 years, I have been Belmont’s representative to the Fire Depart-

ment JPA in which Belmont has participated (Belmont - San Carlos Fire and

now, San Mateo Consolidated Fire).  Although we must always remain diligent

in this area, Belmont’s ability to protect its residents and businesses from the

dangers of wildfires has never been stronger.

During the first year of Covid, when I was acting Mayor, I sought to provide                                                                                         stable leadership, both symbolically and in practice.  This included continuing                                                                                   to lead virtual City Council meetings from the dais in City Hall, even though I 

was the only one in the room.  More substantively, when the Carlmont High

School student-led Black Lives Matter protest took place on June 3, 2020, I

played an active role in working with both the protest organizers and the

Belmont Police Department to ensure that the protest would be successfully and peacefully carried out.  To ensure Belmont’s businesses would not be endangered, the route of the march was changed so that it would conclude at City Hall, rather than continue on Ralston Avenue, passing through the downtown area to the Caltrain station.  Furthermore, and at the request of the protest’s organizers, I made remarks that many found to be healing and helpful.

I have been privileged to serve the Belmont community and look forward to continuing to do so as your next elected Mayor!

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