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Experience And Qualifications

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It's been my honor to have served our Belmont neighbors for more than 20 years as a three-time Mayor, a Finance Commissioner, and a City Councilmember, where I'm currently serving in my 17th year. I love our community, and I will bring the entirety of my experience to bear serving you and our neighbors as your next elected Mayor!


Throughout my time leading our community, I have worked hard to promote collaboration and to ensure that the                                                                                                        multiplicity of perspectives from Belmont residents and businesses are                                                                                            heard.  My focus areas have included youth sports and recreation                                                                                                        opportunities, public safety, infrastructure improvements, and economic                                                                                            development.

                                                                                     Regardless of policy preferences, I have earned the respect of Belmont’s                                                                                           residents and businesses for my dedication to improving the quality of life                                                                                       for those who live, work, play, and learn in Belmont.  I have initiated several                                                                                       community outreach programs that other Councilmembers and Mayors                                                                                             have adopted, leading to improved communications between the City’s                                                                                             government and the public.

      (2020 ribbon cutting for the new Belmont Sports Complex

               artificial turf project using all-organic materials)

Leadership Roles


I believe that City Councils are best able to serve the public when Councilmembers work together.  This allows credit for major initiatives to be shared and often leads to better outcomes. 

During my time on the City Council, some of the specific ways I have provided leadership include:

  • When the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department was in danger of being dissolved,                                                                 the Council appointed me to lead negotiations with San Carlos Councilmembers                                                                    to develop a new fee structure that the cities could agree to.  I designed an                                                                  allocation methodology that was agreeable to both cities, enabling the Fire                                                                Department to continue operations for approximately seven additional years,                                                                        until a majority of Councilmembers in both cities determined that it would be in                                                                  the best interests of their cities to have Fire Departments that were part of larger                                                                    entities.  At a Council meeting, Councilmember Dave Warden specifically noted                                                                    how surprised and pleased he was that my negotiations with San Carlos were                                                              sufficiently successful to allow Belmont to have this additional time.                                                                                                   

  • When I was appointed as the City’s representative to the Silicon Valley Clean Water Joint Powers Authority (the sewage treatment plant serving Belmont, Redwood City, San Carlos and West Bay Sanitary Authority) my review of detailed contract documents led to the realization that certain costs were being misallocated.  My efforts led to Belmont taxpayers saving millions of dollars   


                                                                           As Mayor, I introduced the Lunch with the Mayor program so Belmont’s                                                                                           residents could meet with City staff and the Mayor in a relaxed manner and                                                                                       discuss issues of interest.  The San Mateo Daily Journal termed it one of the                                                                                   best ideas to come from local government with regards to community outreach                                                                               programs. During the first year of Covid, I initiated a “Message from the Mayor”                                                                               column in the City’s weekly update.

  • My combined efforts with those of Councilmember Braunstein resulted in Crystal Springs Uplands School remaining interested in locating in Belmont, even after a majority of the Council voted against the proposed plan.  After the new Council was seated, the plan was eventually approved and has resulted in a wonderful addition to Belmont.  My and Councilmember Braunstein’s initiative in this area was key towards keeping the proposed plan alive until the political climate in Belmont was ready.

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