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Re-Elect Three-Time Mayor Warren Belmont!

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Why I'm Running

Belmont is facing key issues right now that will affect communities and our neighborhoods now and for decades to come.  In matters of public safety, housing, land use, open space management, financial stewardship, and our local economy, we cannot afford to wait and see what happens. Having chosen to live and raise my family here, I want to address these challenges directly, head-on, and in a manner that will allow us, together, to retain the charm, character, safety, and economic stability of our Belmont community for the generations that follow us!  


I have dutifully served the people of Belmont for more than 22 years, including 

  • 17 years on the City Council

  • Three terms as Mayor

  • 5 years on the Belmont City Finance Commission

As a longtime Belmont official, small business owner and father, I believe I have the experience that will allow us to move forward as a united community. I have proven my leadership time and again during my tenure, including: 

  • Ensuring cannabis-based businesses will not be located near homes or apartments

  • Saving millions of taxpayer dollars by re-negotiating with Silicon Valley Clean Water

  • Working on behalf of Belmont for a financially stable and better-equipped Fire Department

  • Initiating outreach programs to better serve the public interest, like Lunch with the Mayor

  • Re-committing our City to protecting our public parks and open spaces

  • Leading efforts to increase the affordable housing supply in Belmont in a manner that works for our citizens

  • Advocating for increased funding for the necessary road and traffic improvements, made possible by Measure I


I have too much respect and love for our City to play partisan politics with our neighborhoods. Join us so that we can create a brighter future for Belmont, and let's make a difference!

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